Why Have Medical Aid In South Africa?

Belonging to a good medical aid scheme is a vital part of looking after one’s health and long-term vitality. Within a South African context, medical aid forms a critical part of ensuring the health of the individual and his or her family.There are numerous reasons for this:

Public vs. private medical care

Firstly, high quality medical care at private hospitals and medical institutions can end up costing you an arm and a leg. Yet given the state of the South African public healthcare system, using private medical care facilities is certainly preferable. Having a good medical aid plan means that you can rest assured knowing that your medical expenses will be covered in all cases requiring hospitalisation, regardless of where you are treated.*

Effectively, joining a respected medical scheme is planning ahead and ensuring that you’ll receive the medical treatment you need, when you need it!

Secondly, the right medical scheme will have the right medical aid plan to give you access to quality medication, especially in the case of chronic or long-term illness.

Choosing the right medical aid plan with a respected South African medical aid scheme will also enable you to tailor a health insurance package to suit your individual needs — and the health insurance needs of your family!

Levels of medical cover

Discovering the right medical scheme – and the appropriate medical aid plan – takes a bit of research and shopping around. Be sure to verify the level of medical cover on the medical aid plan you’re considering, as some medical treatment charges are in excess of the standard prescribed levels.

This becomes very important when one considers surgeons’ or other specialist medical rates, for example.

Find out more about the normal and chronic benefits of a reliable medical aid plan from Selfmed, a respected South African medical aid scheme. Contact a Selfmed medical aid consultant for more information or a free health insurance quote.

* This will depend on the specific medical aid scheme and health insurance plan in question.