Should you change your medical aid scheme?

If you’re not getting the right level of medical cover at the right price, it might be time to change to a new medical aid provider.

It’s the time of year when many people assess their budgets and financial commitments. Ahead of a new year, individuals review their expenditure to ensure that the money they’re spending is giving them the value they’re paying for. Now especially, as the world faces a particularly challenging economic climate, consumers are searching for value-for-money solutions that help them to obtain the services they need at a price they can afford.

Medical aid contributions often account for a significant portion of individuals’ monthly expenditures. Furthermore, the particular medical aid scheme to which an individual belongs can make all the difference between receiving quality, affordable medical care, and paying for an inadequate service that does not meet their healthcare needs. Have you critically appraised your present medical aid scheme and ensured that it is sufficiently covering your medical needs at a cost you can afford? Or are you paying exorbitant rates for fancy extras, but receiving very little real cover?

Competition is growing in the world of medical aid schemes, and consumers no longer have to settle for one-size-fits-all medical cover. If your medical aid option is not providing the right benefits for you and your family, it’s advisable to change your medical aid scheme to one that gives you the peace of mind you deserve. It costs you nothing to change your medical aid scheme, but it could reward you with more affordable, higher-quality medical care that is tailored to cover your specific healthcare needs.

What should I consider when I choose a new medical aid scheme?

If you’ve decided to change to a new medical aid scheme provider, you’re either unhappy with the cost, service or benefits of your current plan – or a combination of these factors. Most South African consumers expect high-quality returns from an affordable medical plan, so first and foremost it’s important to consider the cost to value ratio of each particular plan you’re assessing.

How much are you paying each month in relation to how well you’re covered if you claim?

Aside from the cost consideration of each plan, it’s even more important to consider your individual medical needs. Ideally, a medical aid plan must be well-suited to your unique medical requirements. If you’re young, healthy and have no dependents, an affordable hospital plan is a logical choice. If you have children, you’ll need comprehensive medical cover that covers your family for day-to-day illnesses, as well as in any other eventuality.

Those with chronic medical conditions are also advised to pay particular attention to the level of cover each particular scheme offers for the disorder. Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) are provided by all medical aid companies in South Africa, but levels of cover differ between schemes. Find out about co-payments that may be applicable, and what sort of treatment and/or medication is provided for your condition by each scheme’s PMBs.

Finally, weigh up the pros and cons of every medical aid plan you consider. There will be advantages and drawbacks to each, but the ideal plan will cover you as comprehensively as necessary, at a rate that you can afford. Be wary of “cheap” medical aid cover, but also bear in mind that the best type of cover need not cripple you financially.

The change starts here

Selfmed medical aid scheme is long-standing South African medical aid provider committed to providing personalised service to each of its members. We pride ourselves on the relationship we develop with each of our clients, and we process claims swiftly, efficiently and directly.

Our medical aid plans have been designed to conform to government legislation, but also to provide the right levels of cover for each of our members, whatever their medical needs may be.

Speak to a Selfmed consultant today to discuss your unique medical requirements, and to learn more about our range of superior medical aid plans.