Selecting A Medical Aid Plan

Selecting the right medical aid plan takes planning and careful consideration. If you take some time to investigate a number of South African medical aids and health insurance plans, you will be sure to find a suitable degree of medical cover for a reasonable price.

Establish your medical needs

The first thing to do when investigating medical aids is to establish your medical aid and healthcare requirements, especially if you have family or other dependants.

Then, compile a list of South African schemes, looking at criteria such as size, financial stability and their client service reputation. Visit to find out more about the individual medical aid schemes’ client service reputation, or ask people who are medical aid members with these companies about their customer experience.

Right medical benefits, right price

Don’t opt for the cheapest scheme and plan, as it will probably not provide you with sufficient benefits and cover.

However, don’t choose a medical aid plan that you cannot afford, as your subscription needs to be sustainable over time. The trick is to find the maximum cover and benefits for the most affordable monthly tariff.

Also, be sure to find out whether the medical aid plan you are considering offers the full spectrum of medical cover for all secondary members (such as minor dependents or adult dependants), or whether some benefits only apply to the principal member’s medical insurance.

Is your medical aid scheme established?

Ask your friends or colleagues which South African medical aid company and which policy is working for them.

Medical aid schemes and plans aren’t all alike

All medical aid schemes and health insurance plans aren’t the same. The benefits and financial contributions will vary from one medical aid to the next.

Be 100% sure that you understand the requirements and unique benefits of each medical aid plan. You can go directly to a medical scheme or let a broker advise you if you’re not sure which scheme to subscribe to.

Contact a Selfmed medical aid consultant to find out more about their medical aid plans and the associated medical insurance benefits and regulations.