SelfNET Essential - Basic Hospital Plan
#CoverYourAssentials for only R915pm.

Start with the bare-bones basics and make sure your skin is covered.

With SelfNET Essential, you can rest assured that following a critical incident, you will be admitted to a network private hospital.

Ass covered! Now you can just get on with life.

SelfNET Essential is an entry-level hospital plan and here's some not-too-fine print, so you'll know exactly what you get
  • Hospital cover - Subject to a DSP network, limited to PMB conditions
  • 25 PMB Chronic Conditions
  • Unlimited MRI and CT scans in and out of hospital - 100% of the Network Rate for MRI and CT scans, performed in or out of hospital, subject to PMB regulation, obtaining a PAR, motivation and approval.
  • Confinement - Subject to pre-authorisation and Network Provider referral process.
  • Ambulance Services - 100% of Network Rate for emergency transport to and from hospital.
  • and many more...
  • Download SelfNET Essential PDFDownload the Full list of Benefits as a PDF or receive them via email when you leave your details.