Selfmed 80% vs MED Elite

Chronic Cover:
MED Elite

Trusted Chronic medicine cover

Our specially designed MED Elite option is the most suitable suitable, should you have a chronic ailment. Please do not settle for anything less. Feel free to discuss our cover with our consultants, or to compare our level of chronic cover to other schemes.

MED Elite

    • Unlimited hospital cover at any of the Scheme’s Designated Hospitals, paid at 100% of Agreed Tariff
    • Joint Replacements covered (co-payments may apply/individual sublimits apply)
    • Generous Oncology Benefits, cover for Biological drugs
    • 65 Chronic Conditions covered up to R 32,340.00
    • Ante-natal Classes and Foetal Scans R 1,790.00
    • Benefits for Mammogram and Pap Smear
    • Certain clinical procedures (Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy) covered in Doctor’s room
    • MRI-,CT scans in and out of hospital
    • Benefits for Non-Elective Maxilla-Facial and Oral Surgery