Who Should Consider Hospital Plans?

When it comes to health matters, few people want to cut corners, only to realise later that they required more comprehensive cover from their medical cover. Most medical schemes offer hospital plans, yet not all of them are particularly thorough when it comes to explaining the exact application of these.

Selfmed recommends our hospital plan Selfmed MEDXXI with the utmost confidence, yet we are also very aware that hospital plans may not be the best solution for every single medical scheme member. Young couples starting a family, for example, would do well to get a more comprehensive medical plan to cover their children against potential ailments. Similarly, elderly persons with identified illnesses or the risk for hereditary health problems would do well to take out more comprehensive cover, with bigger allowances for specialist consultations or chronic medication.

When do hospital plans work best?

Hospital plans are best approached as a safety net against situations where hospitalisation is required – whether for serious illness, treatment after an accident or a similar serious event.

Although many medical schemes punt their hospital plans in terms of low monthly premiums, this may mean lower levels of cover – so you’ll get only as much as you pay for. Selfmed MEDXXI, on the other hand, features solid cover at an affordable price. From as little as R1450 per month, it offers unlimited hospitalisation cover, which makes it ideal for students, young adults and up-and-coming single professionals.

Not only is our hospital plan well suited to a starting salary, but it also gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be covered at 100% of prescribed medical aid rates. Bearing in mind that medical specialists such as surgeons often charge up to double of the prescribed rates, our hospital plan serves as a medical safety net – you won’t be faced with crippling medical costs should you need to be hospitalised for a significant period of time. In addition to this, a chronic benefit can be activated at any point during the year!

Although you will need to cover your day-to-day medical expenses, you can budget for this, while still keeping your monthly overheads lower. By going for check-ups from time to time, you will also be able to identify when or whether you need to upgrade your medical plan. If you are at risk of hereditary ailments such as heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes, for example, you can identify changes in your physical condition at an early stage and take proactive steps to preserve your long-term health.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means that your hospital will remain sufficient for even longer! By not smoking, and sticking to a balanced and nutritional eating pattern, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and similar problems linked to your lifestyle. Additionally, regular exercise will further reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and contribute to your overall well-being.

Less fluff – more medical cover

Instead of channelling money into soft benefits such as loyalty rewards, discounts on movie tickets or purchases from retail partners, Selfmed has structured medical plans such as the Selfmed MEDXXI Hospital Plan to give you solid medical cover and peace of mind – not lifestyle perks that you don’t get round to using in any case!

By approaching your health responsibly and monitoring your physical condition from time to time, you will be able to make an informed decision about getting more comprehensive medical cover. If you are young and healthy, you could well postpone getting comprehensive medical aid until you start a family, or until your budget can carry the additional costs.

For additional queries regarding this plan please contact one of our consultants.

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