Proposed Amalgamation of CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme and Selfmed Medical Scheme with effect from 1 July 2019

April 12, 2019

The purpose of this document is to provide an exposition of the proposed amalgamation of CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme (‘CompCare’) and Selfmed Medical Scheme (‘Selfmed’) as required in terms of Section 63 of the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998, as amended (“the Act”).

Subject to regulatory approvals in terms of the Act and any other legislation, the proposed effective date of amalgamation shall be 1 July 2019, or the date on which all regulatory approvals for this amalgamation have been obtained, whichever is the later.

Please read the full documents here:


Communication sent to all members

Medical aids are specifically created for the benefit of its members.  It is the responsibility of Trustees and Management Teams to ensure that the best interest of members takes precedence in all decisions and actions.  The decisions that Trustees and Managers make take place within the context of any specific medical aid’s unique circumstance.

One of the main concerns remains the sustainability of a medical scheme expressed through its ability to pay member claims in the future.  The long term sustainability is evaluated through actuarial models and taking into consideration legislation, economic climate and medical aid industry trends, amongst others.

The long term trend over the last three years within Selfmed has been a deterioration of the assessed long term sustainability.  This is evident in news reports as well as the above-inflation annual contribution increases levied by medical schemes across the industry.

The risk to sustainability can be addressed by several measures which includes rationalising benefits and by levying high contribution increases or by identifying appropriate long term partnerships through amalgamation.

After careful consideration the Trustees deemed the best option to be an amalgamation with a suitable medical scheme.

Consolidation of medical schemes is a noteworthy trend throughout the industry in the last decade.  Among the key reasons cited for the consolidation of medical schemes is the benefit it holds for medical scheme members such as greater influence, improved sustainability and bargaining power, which protects members and schemes as it improves cost efficiencies.

Consolidated schemes are able to achieve a broader national footprint and improved cost efficiencies.  It has been shown that consolidation can have considerable benefits for both members and medical schemes.


In order to ensure long term sustainability and ongoing value for our members, we are proposing to amalgamate Selfmed and CompCare into what would become a leading South African medical scheme with competitive products and member focused service offering. The proposed amalgamation between Selfmed and Compcare, with Selfmed amalgamating into CompCare, has been strategically planned and carefully considered.  The two schemes complement each other and can together provide a broader, member-centric offering to fulfil member needs.


It is worth noting that the amalgamation would place the new combined scheme in a very strong financial position with one of the highest reserve levels of open medical schemes in the industry.  The combined balance sheet and increased membership size will unlock efficiencies and economies of scale that will benefit members.

The Trustees of the two schemes are of the opinion that an amalgamation will be of significant benefit to both schemes and their members.  In addition, independent actuaries have performed a thorough amalgamation analysis, which indicates that the new combined scheme will be able to keep annual contribution increases to a minimum, a most beneficial outcome for members.


  1. You will have a greater variety of options to choose from.
  2. You will on average receive better value for money.
  3. The combined scheme will be one of South Africa’s top ten medical schemes.
  4. The combined scheme will be financially strong and sustainable in the medium to long-term.
  5. Ultimately you will benefit from a greater choice in benefit options.


The proposed date for the amalgamation of the two schemes is 1 July, 2019.  Members will be largely unaffected by the amalgamation as they will remain on their current benefit plan until the end of 2019.  As from the beginning of 2020, members will be able to change their benefit option to any of the combined options, which will together provide a comprehensive range of benefits specifically structured to address individual needs of the members of CompCare and Selfmed.


An exposition document, or business plan, outlining the proposed amalgamation has been submitted to the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) for an evaluation of the sustainability and appropriateness of the amalgamation.

At the same time of the CMS evaluation, members will be afforded the opportunity to vote on the proposed amalgamation.  The scheme belongs to its members and therefore a decision to amalgamate the two schemes cannot be made without the implicit agreement of its members.

The voting process will be overseen by independent auditors, who will ensure that the voting is done in a transparent and objective manner.

If you need more information before casting your vote, you can view the full exposition document which contains detailed information about the proposed combined scheme.  You can view the two exposition documents at the top of this page  or at the following offices:

Selfmed Medical Scheme Office
South Gate Office Park
First Floor South
Carl Cronje Drive
South Gate
Tyger Waterfront




Council for Medical Scheme Office
Block A, Eco Glades 2 Office Park
420 Witch-Hazel Avenue
Eco Park Centurion


The Board of Trustees of Selfmed encourage you to cast your vote by completing a special online ballot form, which will be sent to you via email by 24 April 2019.

Given the considerable benefits of the amalgamation, the Board of Trustees of Selfmed recommends that you vote in favour of the proposed amalgamation.

As your Principal Officer, I wish to assure you of Selfmed’s ongoing commitment to you.  Please rest assured that our total approach to member wellbeing will continue to ensure the sustainability of the scheme while providing meaningful cover to members who depend on us to put their health first.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact us on 0860 78 73 72, or e-mail us at

Yours in health and wellness