Taking care of your feet

July 21, 2017

Our feet are the workhorses of our bodies, yet we give them so little credit

Tips to help keep your feet happy:

Make sure to wash your feet regularly, properly and dry them completely - this will help avoid any bacteria growth. If you use a public shower, for instance at the gym, wear flip-flops to avoid coming in contact with any existing bacteria. When cutting toe-nails, make sure to cut a straight nail and avoid curving in on the sides, this will help prevent ingrown nails.  Moisturising your feet, especially in a warm, sunny climate can help avoid dry cracked or scaly skin. A shoe that fits correctly and not too tightly can help prevent hammer toe, corns, ingrown toenails and general foot pain. A properly fitted shoe will also allow your heel to settle in the proper place as you walk which helps prevent blisters, calluses and sore heels.  Wearing socks with your shoes helps draw moisture away from your feet and to the breathable parts of your shoes. Ill-fitting and non-wicking socks are one of the top causes of blister.  Rolling out your feet on a tennis ball will help release any adhesions in the fascia on the bottom of your feet. When out in the sun,  include your feet when applying sunscreen

You don't need an expensive spa treatment to take care of your feet. Spending just a few minutes a day on foot care and choosing the right shoes can keep you free of problems that may lead to pain and even disability.