August 8, 2013

You will recall that Selfmed held its 2013 AGM on 29 June 2013, at which two Trustees were elected. In accordance with the Rules two additional independent Trustees were appointed.

In keeping with the Scheme’s obligation of ensuring that members are kept abreast of activities, the Scheme is proud to introduce the new Board of Trustees. They are:

~bMr Trevor Harris (Chairman)~
Mr Harris is involved in various directorships, currently a broker owner, involved in project management and property consulting.

~bDr Reg Engelbrecht~
Dr Engelbrecht holds a Chiropractic BS D.C. degree. He serves on various advisory boards and councils, incl. the World Federation of Chiropractics, which is affiliated to the World Health Organisation. (WHO)

~bMr Francois de Wit~
Mr De Wit has been involved with the Financial Services industry for more than 25 years and has an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience, by virtue of interaction at senior level with several open medical aid schemes.

~bMr D Albertyn~
Mr Albertyn is a Chartered accountant, holding a higher diploma in accounting.

Each Trustee will serve a three year term beginning 29 June 2013.

Selfmed is thrilled to welcome such a stellar group of individuals to the Selfmed Board. We believe that given the diversity and breadth of experience amongst the new Trustees, the Scheme will benefit greatly from their insights and experience, going forward.

Yours faithfully

Brian Kleinsmith
Acting Principal Officer

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