Selfmed addresses recent developments

May 16, 2013

Following the recent ~upress sent out by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), Selfmed would like to address and allay any concerns that members and service providers might have.

Says appointed Acting Principal Officer, Mr Brian Kleinsmith: “It is crucial to stress that the Scheme is in good financial health and it will continue with its day-to-day operations as normal with no adverse effect on members or service providers. This is corroborated by the Scheme’s 2012 ~uAnnual Financial, which will be made available on the website and the Council for Medical Scheme’s ~upress (extract below), dated 08 May 2013.”

The Registrar and the current Board of Trustees emphasise that Selfmed is in good financial health and has a high solvency margin and there is thus no cause for concern in regard to Selfmed’s ability to provide on-going services to its members.

The Scheme has consistently retained its sound financial position, with reserve levels in excess of 100% at the end of 2012, which are well above the statutory requirement of 25%.

Selfmed will continue to aggressively focus on membership retention as well as membership growth and remain positive about the future sustainability and growth of the Scheme.

“It is of vital importance that all members take cognisance of the fact that Selfmed has, and always will, hold the best interests of its members in very high regard. Selfmed remains confident about the future of the Scheme and the management team will continue to ensure the efficient running of the Scheme as experienced by all members and providers.” says Kleinsmith.

“On behalf of Selfmed I would like to thank all members for their on-going trust and continued support and encourage members to attend the upcoming AGM, ~btaking place on Saturday, 29 June 2013~, where members can participate in the election process of a new Board of Trustees,” he adds.

Issued by MANGO-OMC on behalf of Selfmed.

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