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April 18, 2012

The old adage says, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
It’s no wonder that Selfmed medical scheme picked a bright red apple for its logo, and this healthy image, against the pale green company colour, is consistent with the corporate culture of this successful enterprise.

“We live by the motto expressed in our branding, namely simplicity, sincerity, security and service.” says Marthie Bester, operations and marketing director. The staff members of the local branch confirm this – “I always tell clients that if I sign them, – they become part of the family,” says Nelspruit sales consultant, Louise Alberts. And now the Lowveld family has moved to a new home at the Sonpark Boulevard.

“The Lowveld has the third largest footprint in the country in terms of members, and we want to keep on providing them with the bestservice that we possibly can,” Marthie says.

The new premises are easily accessible, offer more parking, and are located in a bustling yet safe part of town. Decorated in the trademark pale green, specifically for its calming effect, and with a constant supply of fresh red apples in the foyer, the new offices exhibit a welcoming atmosphere to both existing as well as new members.

Administrative assistant, Wianna Calitz-Eksteen, is excited about the new office, and says the larger space allows them to operate with efficiency.

It is evident from talking to the local staff and Marthie, visiting from the Cape Town office, that the core values run like a golden thread through the company’s operations. Marthie explains that she went to great lengths to determine exactly what the corporate values of Selfmed should be.

“They had to be tangible andfeasible,” she says. “Selfmed handles all communication with members internally and never drops a call. It is one of our priorities and staff who do not abide by this will face a disciplinary hearing.”

Marthie adds that careful selection and placement of personnel is a key success factor, and this ensures that the Selfmed team is both knowledgeable and passionate.

“We have an inherent pride in the company,” confirms local consultant, Johan Booyens, who shares the Nelspruit office with Louise and Wianna.

To experience the excellent service first hand, and enjoy a bright redapple, visit the new Selfmed offices at number 79, Sonpark Boulevard.

Published in the Lowvelder (14/3/2012)

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