Woman sues hospital

July 20, 2011

A spokesperson for the law firm attending to the woman’s lawsuit, Sunelle van Heerden, would, however, not disclose the amount the woman was claiming but said it was “substantial”.

Bridget Moleboheng is suing the hospital following a harrowing experience when nurses allegedly left her to give birth on her own.

The nurses are said to have left the room in which Moleboheng was giving birth to chat instead.

Her crime was to “ask too many questions” and was called a “madam” for her troubles.

“Because I had the temerity to request that I be attended to, I was called madam and everybody went out of their way to be rude to me,” Moleboheng said.

“Instead of helping me and telling me what to do, the nurses stood around chatting to each other about their personal lives, ignoring my pleas for help.

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