Doctor ‘stabbed in the heart’

June 9, 2011

The family of a young Durban doctor is reeling in shock after he was killed by a patient at an Mpumalanga hospital on Tuesday.

Senzosenkosi Mkhize, 27, of Yellowwood Park, was stabbed in the chest by a patient at Middelburg hospital. A security guard who tried to stop the man from fleeing was stabbed in the hand.

On Wednesday, Mkhize’s father, Zamokuhle Mkhize, said his son had only been at Middelburg hospital for five months.

He had previously been serving his internship at Prince Mshiyeni hospital in Umlazi.

Describing the incident, Zamokuhle said Mkhize had tried to assist a man at the hospital’s out-patients unit.

“The man said he had had an operation on his wrist in 2006. When he came in yesterday (Tuesday), he wanted to be seen by a doctor because he said doctors had left needles in his hand. My son referred him to the x-ray department to have his hand looked at. When he came back with the x-ray, my son explained that the scan showed there were no needles in his hand and suggested he go to the orthopaedic department.”

He said the man became angry and then left.

“My son had his back turned while he was working on the man’s files. The man came back and when my son turned around, he stabbed him (Mkhize) in the hand. My son tried to ward him off, but the man stabbed him in the heart.”

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