Educated, rich cripple sexual health ventures

May 16, 2011

The Women Action Group advocates women’s rights, especially on gender-based violence, sexual rights and HIV/Aids topics.

Wag programmes’ officer Olga Makoni said: “Most professional people have the uninformed belief that they know issues to do with HIV and Aids and that there is no need for more information about the epidemic. This is unfortunate because this class of people, of late, is becoming more susceptible to infection,” she said.

“Professional women and men are a high-risk group because of their economic status in society. They can afford to go on vacation with boyfriends, and have a small house, when ordinary women or men with low or no income cannot afford that,” she said.

Many professional men and women were found to be engaging in “sexual networks” – and that puts them in danger of infection, Makoni said.

“A snap survey has shown that most professional people are found to be engaging in multiple and concurrent partnerships, which, by their nature, are the main reason of HIV transmission. You would find that most men who engage in extramarital affairs are professionals – and yet they behave as if they have all the information,” she said.

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