Selfmed Medical Aid since 1965

September 15, 2010

Selfmed – Medical Aid since 1965

In the current volatile healthcare industry, characterised by rising medical costs, high inflation and tight, prescriptive legislation, it is not surprising that more medical schemes start to amalgamate in an attempt to secure their future existence.
Often the success of a medical scheme is measured according to the size of its membership, yet having a high number of members does not protect against the medical expenditure that schemes are exposed to. On the contrary, the more members a scheme has, the more real the exposure and threat of having to fund more in claims than received through member contributions, become.
“That’s where a scheme like Selfmed really distinguishes itself from the rest”, says Ms Marthie Bester, Marketing and Operations Director of the Selfmed Medical Scheme. “Not only does Selfmed boast reserves well in excess of legislative requirements, thereby offering a secure buffer against unduly high medical expenses, but our scheme remains one of few with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry.”
“There is no substitute for the lessons to be learnt through own experience. Selfmed, having been around since 1965, have faced many challenges in its existence, yet, through proper management has succeeded to overcome all of them and to this day continues to stand its ground.”
As to the reason for its ongoing success, Ms Bester adds: “Our value statement comprises only four words – simplicity, sincerity, security and service – yet the importance and valued meaning of these words are entrenched in our every day business. Selfmed members know that we are transparent in our service and will provide them stability that they can rely on, regardless of our volatile industry.”
“Although we welcome new members to the Scheme, we do not base our success on membership growth, but instead focus on offering unsurpassed service to our loyal members who have continued to support us through the good and the tough times.”
That certainly explains why “service” comprises part of this medical scheme’s value statement. In the present environment characterised by such uncertainty and competition, it is comforting to know that at least one medical scheme still represents proper values and security.

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