Setting the Record Straight About Egg Donation Legalities

September 13, 2010

Setting the Record Straight About Egg Donation Legalities

~uPRLog (Press Release) – Aug 19,

Egg donation in South Africa is a very legal and ethical matter. A legal egg donation agency offers an above board service to recipients of donor eggs. This is a relationship between the egg donation recipient and the egg donor agency.

Egg donors come forward to a legal egg donation agency based on the information that is presented and communiques that are made available offering information on egg donation. The matter of gamete donation is discussed under the National health Act, 2003. It also specifies that the importing and exporting of zygotes requries approval by the Minister.

Egg donation recipients have access to this egg donation information adequately informing them and empowering them of relevant information through the egg donor website.

Recipients of donor eggs also have access to their own medical information. This really means that a person who has the medical tests, etc has the right to access such information and the health care provider cannot wirhhold such information.

Egg donors are not employees of any agency and they do not belong any where. They are merely people who have come forward and listed their details with a specific egg donation agency.

The negativity around the function and purpose of an egg donation agency is citied by persons who do not understand the legislation and are not informed that the functionality of facilitating egg donation is in full compliance with the relevant South African legislation.

baby2mom Egg Donation Agency, is a legal egg donation agency working for recipients of donor eggs, assisting them with a very delicate and precious service.

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