Evolving from the First Egg Donation

September 9, 2010

Evolving from the First Egg Donation

PRLog (Press Release)
Sep 07, 2010

Living in the twenty first century provides the comfort of having advanced medical and scientific procedures. The first egg donation program was undertaken in 1984. South Africa is very excited to have boasted progress in egg donor progams a mer few months after this phenomenal event.

Cape Town is considered a world leader in many aspects, including the first heart transplant in the world. Accordingly it is no wonder that the first egg donation program in South Africa was undertaken by the Cape Town egg donor clinic. This has been the initiative of hundreds of egg donor programs that have followed since this great break through.

In support of Cape Town egg donation, a world class offering is available. This includes state of the art equipment where recipients of donor eggs can view the embryo transfer. This is extremely advanced and makes egg donor treatments in Cape Town some thing quite phenomenal. Cape Town egg donor programs are also very attractive for people worldwide needing egg donations as a result of the advanced and efficient process to take care of international patients and dedicated and efficient persons assisting in this specialised process.

baby2mom Egg Donation Agency – www.baby2mom.co.za – is proud and excited to be able to direct persons to efficient and worldclass egg donor clinics, including the fertility clinic who took the lead to offer the first egg donation solution in South Africa.

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