Life in prison for rapists

April 18, 2008

Life in prison for rapists

by: Dalene Robus

BARBERTON – Two men who raped a woman who was still mourning the death of her baby, received life sentences in the local Regional Court.

The woman, dressed in black was returning from the shops to her home on the DeBrug farm when she was approached by Smanga Wanda Matsebula (21) and Fabelo Agripa Nkosi (24) both of Emjindini.

They threatened her with a butchers knife and dragged her into thick vegetation where they took turns to rape her. The woman managed to run away and reported the incident to the police. In the meantime the two men sat under a nearby tree, ate the food and drank the wine their victim had bought. They also took her cellphone. The police caught up with the two intoxicated men who were oblivious of what was going around them.

In his drunken state Nkosi managed to run away, while Matsebula was arrested on the scene. Nkosi was arrested soon afterwards. Both were convicted on rape charges as well as armed robbery. They were sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape charges, and 15 years each for the armed robbery. The sentences will be served concurrently. The presiding officer was

Mr Willie Wilkin, while Mr Derick Mashego was the prosecutor.

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