Ideal job is about money, healthiness and fulfilme

February 6, 2008

Ideal job is about money, healthiness and fulfilment

04 February 2008 at 11h00

Whether you are entering the workplace for the first time or looking for a career change, identifying what your real needs and goals are will ensure you find a position which will be right for you, and consequently fulfilling

So says Judy Klipin, the only trained and certified Martha Beck life coach in South Africa.

"Many people have a general idea of what they are looking for," Klipin explains.

"They wish for financial security, challenging and varied work or something interesting in their field of expertise. But often they have not thought through the implications and impact on their personal lives.

"We ask our clients questions which help them to examine their thought processes and belief systems and guide them towards realising what is really important to them.

"They may think a high-powered big-income-generating corporate position would be perfect, but when they consider the long hours away from home, the pressures of traffic congestion and the challenges of power problems currently plaguing South Africans, they may acknowledge that these stresses will negate the financial benefits and not provide the happiness they are seeking.

"They may decide to change course and look for a freelance or consulting job where their hours are more flexible and they can maintain a healthier balance between home and work requirements.

"People who are in the wrong jobs are not living their best destiny. They become bored, demotivated or disillusioned with their careers and do not reach their potential because their situation is in conflict with their real needs. "A life coach can help them explore what will meet their needs and together we can chart a course through the challenges, offering options which are in harmony with their essential selves."

Dr Martha Beck is a legendary US-based life coach and author: "We help people whose lives have gone off course, find their way back to authentic, rewarding lives, Beck says."

Beck will be in South Africa this month and along with Judy Klipin and Monty Roberts, a trained inter-species communicator, Koelle Simpson will offer a "One Day with Martha Workshop" on February 27 and a Live Equine Demonstration on March 1.

The equine demonstration shows how fear can be overcome and how trustworthy relationships can be developed, highlighting the importance of non-violence.

Judy Klipin is based in Joburg, where she runs workshops and also offers a range of programmes for people embarking on personal transformation and transition journeys.

She also offers telephone or e-mail coaching for people who are outside Joburg.

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