Why Selfmed

Selfmed Medical Scheme was established in 1965 to bring sincere, dependable and simplistic medical aid to South Africans.

Over the years, we have grown to become one of the country’s most highly regarded medical schemes. Our members trust us to provide sincere assistance, strong reserves and access to the best possible medical care in South Africa.

The Selfmed Vision

First and foremost, our priority is the good health of our members – a vision that is encapsulated by our value statement, which ensures that:

  • We offer a simplistic range of products that meets the essential healthcare needs of our members;
  • We take a sincere interest in your wellbeing and always provide personalised attention to our members;
  • We offer security to our members by ensuring that we always maintain a solid financial standing;
  • We are committed to providing excellent service to every member, in every instance, always.

Why Selfmed stands out from the rest

Selfmed is different from other medical aids in South Africa.

  • We believe that the health of our members comes first, which means that we don’t worry with unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • We believe in offering excellent, individualised service to each of our members, which means that we run our own administration and call centre – known as our Excellence Centre.
  • We believe in recognising our members’ loyalty through low annual increases and constantly improving benefits – and not by penalising them with sharp increases and ever-dwindling benefits.
SimplicityProducts that are easy to understand
Sincerityyou’re a name, not a number
SecurityOur financial stability gives you peace of mind
ServiceThe cornerstone of our success
About usSelfmed is a registered, medium sized, open medical aid scheme
TrusteesThe well-being of Selfmed is more than just a fiduciary duty to the Trustees