Selfsure 2019


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Detailed Benefits 2019

The Selfsure option provides you the following:

  • Unlimited hospital cover for any PMB at DSP (Designated Service Providers)
    • any private hospital in South Africa, paid at 100% of Agreed Tariff for elective hospitalisation
  • GP visits, Specialist visits, acute meds = R 5,350.00 (principal member); R 3,780.00 (adult dependant); R 1,890.00 (minor dependant)
  • Basic Dentistry, Pathology, Radiology and Physiotherapy = R 5,450.00 or R 7,650.00 for family
  • Optometry
    • 100% of Scheme Tariff in respect to consultation and spectacles/ contact lenses limited to R5,100.00 per family per 24 month cycle
    • All Optical benefits are subject to Opticlear Network protocol
  • Medical appliances = R 4,300.00
  • 25 Chronic PMB conditions
  • Unlimited Maternity visits
  • Ante-natal Classes and Foetal Scans R 1,790.00
  • Contraceptive benefit to a maximum of R 1,680.00
  • Certain clinical procedures (Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy) covered in Doctor’s room
  • Unlimited MRI and CT scans in- and out- of hospital
  • Benefits for Non-Elective Maxilla-Facial and Oral Surgery
  • Student dependants qualify for minor contributions up to the age of 25