SelfNET Essential 2019

Basic Network Hospital Plan


Emergencies happen at any time, any place – to the best of us.

We know you value your life and health, and understand your desire to live life to its fullest.
That’s why our dynamic team at Selfmed have designed an affordable, entry-level hospital plan that will take care of those unforseen medical emergencies.
Now, with SelfNET Essential, you can rest assured, knowing that in the event of a critical incident, you will receive the best medical care in one of our Network Private Hospitals.

This entry-level option provides you the following benefits:

  • Hospital cover – Subject to a DSP network, limited to PMB conditions
  • 25 PMB Chronic Conditions
  • Unlimited MRI and CT scans in and out of hospital – 100% of the Network Rate for MRI and CT scans, performed in or out of hospital, subject to PMB regulation, obtaining a PAR, motivation and approval.
  • Confinement – Subject to pre-authorisation and Network Provider referral process.
  • Ambulance Services – 100% of Network Rate for emergency transport to and from hospital.
  • and many more…

Download Detailed Benefits:

Detailed Benefits 2019