Selfmed 80% 2019

Selfmed 80% Option

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Detailed Benefits 2019

Comprehensive medical cover. Only 20% co-payments. This option guarantees peace of mind with respect to the following:

  • Unlimited hospital cover at any private hospital in South Africa, paid at 100% of Agreed Tariff
  • Specialist covered at 80% of Cost in- and out- of hospital
  • Joint Replacements covered (co-payments may apply/ individual sub-limits apply)
  • Generous Oncology benefits, cover for Biological drugs
  • 65 Chronic Conditions covered up to R 50,300.00 per family per year
  • Optometry
    • 100% of Scheme Tariff in respect of consultation and spectacles/ contact lenses limited to R10,900 per family per 24 month cycle
    • All optical benefits are subject to the Opticlear Network protocol
  • Ante-natal Classes paid at cost (R 1,790.00)
  • Student dependants qualify for minor contributions up to the age of 25