Hospital Plan - MEDXXI Option


  • Unlimited hospital cover at any of the Scheme’s Designated Hospitals, paid at 100% of agreed tariff
  • 25 PMB chronic conditions
  • Ante-natal classes paid at cost (R 1,400.00)
  • Certain clinical procedures (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, tonsillectomy) covered in Dr rooms
  • Unlimited MRI and CT scans in and out of hospital
  • Benefits for non-elective maxilla-, facial and oral surgery
  • Benefit for mammogram and pap smear
  • Contraceptive benefit to a maximum of R 1,300.00
  • Maternity visits (subject to limit)
       Detailed Benefits 2015
       Detailed Benefits 2014

In choosing medical aid cover, people nowadays increasingly tend to opt for hospital plans or health insurance products instead of full comprehensive medical plans. The reason for this trend is that hospital plans are seen to be more affordable than the traditional medical aid plans, which in recent years have become a luxury for many families. People are also increasingly willing to manage their day-to-day primary healthcare expense themselves by using facilities such as Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) or medical credit/debit cards.

Hospital plans allow you direct control over your medical spending and the management of your budget and offer core medical cover in case of an emergency.

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