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Why are an increasing number of brokers choosing to represent Selfmed?

  1. Satisfied members
  2. Quick claims turnaround
  3. Personal broker contact
  4. A shared vision of ensuring personalised, efficient, service-excellence to members

Broker Relations
If you would like to represent Selfmed, please contact Werner Stemmett for more information.

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Broker Relations and Client Services

Broker Relations

If you would like to represent Selfmed, please contact Stemmett for more information.


Tel: 0860 787372
Fax: 0860 288363


Tel: 0860 104 974
Fax: 0860 467 727


Tel: 0860 247 288
Fax: 0860 633 277


Tel: 0860 104 974


Mail original claims and all enquiries to (Only original claims will be accepted)
Selfmed Medical Scheme
PO Box 5543
Tygervalley 7536

More about us

The well-being of Selfmed is more than a fiduciary duty to the Trustees, as can be testified from the time and energy that they devote to Selfmed and members’ interests.

Full names: Mr Trevor Harris (Chairman)
Mr Harris is involved in various directorships, currently a broker owner, involved in project management and property consulting.
Full names: Dr Reg Engelbrecht
Dr Engelbrecht holds a Chiropractic BS D.C. degree. He serves on various advisory boards and councils, incl. the World Federation of Chiropractics, which is affiliated to the World Health Organisation. (WHO)
Full names: Mr Francois de Wit
Mr De Wit has been involved with the Financial Services industry for more than 25 years and has an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience, by virtue of interaction at senior level with several open medical aid schemes
Full names: Mr Duncan Albertyn
Mr Albertyn is a Chartered accountant, holding a higher diploma in accounting.

First and foremost, our priority is the good health of our members – a vision that is encapsulated by our value statement, which ensures that:

  • We offer a simplistic range of products that meets the essential healthcare needs of our members;
  • We take a sincere interest in your wellbeing and always provide personalised attention to our members;
  • We offer security to our members by ensuring that we always maintain a solid financial standing;
  • We are committed to providing excellent service to every member, in every instance, always.

Read more about Selfmed’s values.

Selfmed regards administration as a vital component to its future success. The scheme is directly involved with all aspects of the administration. The fully integrated administration system that is utilised enables our medical scheme to offer excellent service levels in all administrative areas, e.g. processing of claims, resolving queries, etc.