About Selfmed Medical Scheme

Selfmed is a registered, medium size, open medical aid scheme that was established in 1965 and formally registered on 19 November 1974.
The Scheme is a firmly established autonomous INDEPENDENT Legal ENTITY regulated by The Medical Schemes Act no.131 of 1998.

The Scheme was founded 45 years ago and has established a strong track record.

Member of the Ethics Institute of South AfricaSelfmed understands and is committed to good governance and ethical business conduct. Selfmed is one of only very few medical schemes to have joined the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

Who owns Selfmed Medical Scheme?

Selfmed is an autonomous, INDEPENDENT, Legal ENTITY and belongs to its members.

Who is the Controlling Body of the Scheme?

Selfmed Medical Scheme is controlled by a Board of Trustees elected by the members:

Mr Trevor Harris (Chairman), Dr Reg Engelbrecht, Mr Francois de Wit and Mr D Albertyn.

The well-being of Selfmed is more than a fiduciary duty to the Trustees, as can be testified from the time and energy that they devote to Selfmed and members' interests.

What is the Scheme's Solvency Ratio?

With solvency levels well in excess of legislative requirements the Scheme's extremely favourable financial position offers members financial stability, security and peace of mind. The scheme's financial strength is directly attributable to the diligence and active management.

What about Administration?

Why Selfmed?

The Selfmed vision is consolidated into a value statement that embraces the values and corner-stones of the Scheme.

Simplicity, Sincerity, Security, Service.

What about Support and Accessibility?

Selfmed Trustees

Full names: Mr Trevor Harris (Chairman)

Mr Harris is involved in various directorships, currently a broker owner, involved in project management and property consulting.

Full names: Dr Reg Engelbrecht

Dr Engelbrecht holds a Chiropractic BS D.C. degree. He serves on various advisory boards and councils, incl. the World Federation of Chiropractics, which is affiliated to the World Health Organisation. (WHO)

Full names: Mr Francois de Wit

Mr De Wit has been involved with the Financial Services industry for more than 25 years and has an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience, by virtue of interaction at senior level with several open medical aid schemes.

Full names: Mr D Albertyn

Mr Albertyn is a Chartered accountant, holding a higher diploma in accounting.

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